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I like to crochet things. I also like to take pictures of things. Both of these will feature here.

Jensen Ackles sings Eye of the Tiger

↳for pretzelmagnet

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I made a sloth bag! I accidentally used chunky rather than aran weight yarn so he’s a bit bigger than intended but that’s not a problem!
Pattern is here: http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/cedric-the-sloth-shopper
This is a black dahlia. There is a lot of booze in it. And a mega huge blackberry #booze #drinks #cocktails
In the corn #walking #country #countryside
Went for a walk.
Now she has received it I can post the picture of the blanket I made for my friend and her new baby 😊 #crochet #craft #blanket #owls #purple #handmade


yes please I’d like them all thank you

I would wear most of these.

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I’m only 9 Followers away from another milestone! When I reach it, at some point in the near future after, I will do a crochet giveaway! Oooohhhh…..

This one is going in the reaction gif folder.

This one is going in the reaction gif folder.

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