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I like to crochet things. I also like to take pictures of things. Both of these will feature here.

I got a “thank you” Tweet for Kirstie Allsopp for the cosy I made her! All part of my work with Harry Bromptons for the Handmade Fair in Hampton Court Palace this weekend!

I want to cross stitch all of these.

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My items on display with Harry Brompton’s Alcoholic Iced Tea (very tasty!) ready to go at the Handmade Fair in Hampton Court Palace this weekend. This was retweeted by Kirstie Allsopp which is awesome :)

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Day off, oh yeah.

Hey guys! Halloween is right around the corner, and you know you just need a whole bunch of cute little bats to decorate your pad! Head on over to my Etsy store and use the code HALLOWEEN2014 FOR 10% off all orders until the end of October :-)


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